Rebbe teachingYeshiva Bais Hachinuch is a unique, student-focused chinuch institution built upon a synthesis of innovative teaching approaches, individualized attention and a loving, dedicated faculty-talmid relationship. Currently the only school of its kind in North America, Yeshiva Bais Hachinuch services students grades 3 – 8, from the full spectrum of the Greater Monsey and Passaic communities as well as Teaneck, New Jersey.

The pioneering, stigma-free approach of Yeshiva Bais Hachinuch incorporates a host of proven techniques that foster success for every student.

For over a decade, Yeshiva Bais Hachinuch has helped hundreds of students, who would otherwise be “falling through the cracks” in the mainstream chinuch infrastructure. The talmidim achieve true success in their learning and are given the tools to maximize their utmost potential.  The outstanding ratio of students who have successfully mainstreamed into prominent elementary, mesivta and post-high schools is the greatest testimony to the success of the Bais Hachinuch model.